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TRegExpr library   TRegExpr library    

TRegExpr - Freeware Delphi Regular Expressions Library

Easy to use and powerfull tool for sophisticated search and substitutioning and for template-based text input check.
Just look how it's simple to work with text from bird's eye view, free Your mind from old-styled procedural text processing, increase Your productivity!
You can validate e-mail adresses, extract phone numbers or ZIP-codes from web-pages or documents, search for complex patterns in log files and all You can imagine! Rules (templates) can be changed without Your program recompilation!
TAudioInfo library   TAudioInfo library    

TAudioInfo - Audio Mpeg(mp3) frame headers, ID3v1 for Delphi

Freeware (with full source) Delphi library for fast extracting header information from mp3 (MPEG 1, 2 Layers I, II, III) files and for working with ID3v1.1 tags (read/write).
Supports Xing VBR (variable bitrate) format !
AnSo@Web   AnSo@Web     

Home page of the author

Welcome to my homepage - just a bit of information about me personally, my work and City where I live.

The site moved

The project moved to new hosting. Many thanks to mindpower.com for free hosting, it's very plesant to know that my work is so appreciated.

TRegExpr v.0.952 released

FreePascal and Delphi 7 support, new distribution concept.

Saint Petersburg anniversary

My city survived 300 year anniversary. Take a look at photos of Saint Petersburg.

TAudioInfo v.1.30 released

Enhanced Xing VBR support, Delphi 7 support, partial ID3v2 support, minor new features, bug fixes.

TRegExpr v.0.951 released

Only minor bug fixes. TRegExpr seems pretty stable, that's why there were no new versions last year. Many users asked is TRegExpr still alive so I just had to release something 8-).

TRegExpr v.0.947 released

Implemented word boundary metachars (\b & \B), method Replace and procedure ReplaceRegExpr can now do substitution, fixed some bugs.

TAudioInfo v.1.27 released


Ayuda en Espanol

Spanish help for TRegExpr available. Thanks to Diego Calp, Argentina.

Aide en Franšais

French help for TRegExpr available. Thanks to Martin Ledoux, Quebec, Canada.

TRegExpr v.0.942 released

Implemented non-greedy iterators (+?, *?, ??, {n,m}?), multiline text processing (windows, unix and/or mixed line separators supported) and many other.
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