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TRegExpr v.0.952 - Delphi Regular Expressions

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·Download distribution package if You don't have one  
·Unpack it into any (newly created) directory.  
·If neccesery, unpack into the same directory package with localized documentation and demos  
·Add RegExpr.pas (situated in subdirectory Source) into Your project (Main Delphi menu -> Project -> Add to project..)  
·Now You can use it (see articles with usage illustrations and Demos projects), do not forget to add 'Uses RegExpr' (or performe Main Delphi menu -> File -> Use Unit..) in appropriate units.  

Installation of bonus library HyperLinksDecorator.pas is the same - just add the file into Your project (You need TRegExpr also installed).

The RegExp Studio will help You a much in r.e. learning, designing, debugging and profiling.

© 2004 Andrey V. Sorokin, Saint Petersburg, Russia

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